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Chi siamo sede VIEL Fontanafredda
Chi siamo sede VIEL Fontanafredda


Uniqueness and experience come together in natural beauty

We have been dealing with the supply and processing of natural stones since 1993: unique materials that bring the beauty, strength and magic of the elements shaped by time into living spaces. To make people understand the versatility and energy of natural stone, in our showroom we have created various indoor and outdoor environments that you can visit, experience, and breathe. Natural stone is a live material that needs to be lived: every day we accompany our customers to discover a product of nature that will make a difference in the home and in the quality of life of those who live there, just as it has made a difference in ours, because, for us, natural stone is not a profession but a passion that, after 30 years, is still as exciting as the first day.


Over 30 years of passion and innovation in the world of stone

Natural stone requires knowledge, experience, and research.

Our knowledge begins with the relationship with selected extraction basins and ends after the installation phase, when we verify that every smallest detail of the project has been respected.
Direct contact with quarries, sawmills, and warehouses allows us both to have excellence with maximum respect for the environment and to make the best Italian typological variety, and more, available to our customers at any time of the year.

With the same attention we take care of coordinating the cutting and finishing phases, so that the format, texture, and veining exactly meet the exact professional or private client requirements.
Our technical office is able to support architects, interior and garden designers, providing them with every detail relating to natural stone, as well as being available to the direct customer who can make use of our consultancy or the entire turnkey service.

Chi siamo ESPERIENZA Viel emozione pietra Pordenone
VIEL rivestimenti in pietra Fontanafredda Pordenone, FVG

The proven partnership with a team of professionals specialised in natural stone allows us not only to satisfy every need from site inspection to installation, but also to express the creativity and versatility of this timeless and unparalleled material to the fullest.

Competent in all that pertains to natural stone, we create or supply the most suitable stone typology for claddings, partition walls, floors, and stairs for both interiors and exteriors, bearing tops, windowsills, walkways, driveways, monolithic furnishing elements, and decorative accessories.

Col Martin Viel emozione pietra Fontanafredda
VIEL rivestimenti in pietra Fontanafredda Pordenone, FVG
One of the strengths of natural stone is customization: our bespoke work process does not only include the cut and the format, but also the preliminary analysis, by developing the most suitable laying patterns, and dealing directly with both the execution of the building works that precede the installation and their implementation. Real masters of laying work with us: under our supervision, the on-site and punctual processes are carried out making each slab in natural stone unique, creating an aesthetically harmonious and perfect whole from a functional point of view. From the most classic and traditional spaces to contemporary environments, passing through renovation in a modern or conservative key, our natural stone brings added value made of quality, precision, and tailoring.
VIEL rivestimenti in pietra Fontanafredda Pordenone, FVG


Natural stone “turnkey”

Everyone should have the perfect natural stone at home without worries, chores, and disappointments. For this reason, upon request, as the sole reference point, we follow the customers from design to implementation, interpreting the taste by organizing the work, suiting the budget, and satisfying every need. You will experience the creation of your natural stone environments step by step, without wasting time or encountering any difficulties. We take care of all operational phases.


The Viel team at your service

We are professionals but, above all, people who will share your wishes and advise you on the most suitable natural store to interpret your tastes and your lifestyle.

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