Stone: a natural choice for bathrooms and sanitary fixtures

Viel bathrooms: the naturalness of stone for unique environments

Synonym with exclusivity and design, natural stone bathrooms have another inimitable value: biocompatibility. In addition to the millenary charm, the resistance, the duration, and the wide possibility of customization, cladding the bathroom in natural stone allows our skin to stay in contact with surfaces that are extremely pleasant to the touch and are already non-toxic and antibacterial in origin, fundamental qualities in the space of the house devoted to hygiene and self-care.

From covering to bathrooms fixtures: the stone takes up in its space

Natural stone can be incorporated into the bathroom in many different ways: on the walls, on the floor, or in the service accessories, such as the shower tray and the sink. The types most commonly used to cover the stone bathroom are marble and granite, but slate and Lecce stone, however, are also suitable. Clear stones, such as travertine, Col Martin and the white Carrara maximise the space and light. A dark-toned stone bathroom cladding, like black Portoro, will, instead, create an intimate setting of great charm.

Col Martin cladding_
Split finish_
Running laying_

Vigonovo (PN)

Ritratto Cristian Bombardella

With natural stone I can create environments that adapt to the lifestyle and taste of those who live there

Cristian Bombardella

Project Manager Viel Emozione Pietra

At the initial stage of the consulting process, our clients often request us to have beautiful, functional, and tailor-made environments. Thanks to the wide choice of natural stones, we offer in our catalogue and in our showroom, we can satisfy this need by creating unique projects that focus on the person and its wellbeing in full respect of the environment.

Water and stone, a perfect combination

The water, flowing over the stone, highlights its texture, colours, and veins, offering a private multi-sensory experience that transports you to the banks of the stream or the edge of a waterfall, every time we turn on the tap. The wall of a Col Martin shower, with a split finish, a bathtub in Verde Alpi marble, carved from a single block, a sink in Prun stone, are not only furnishing elements, but unique pieces or obtained by sculpting the rock in order to give well-being to people and character to the whole environment or room habitat. It is also very easy to take care of it.

Trani stone_
Split strips_
Running laying_

Bagno VIEL
In addition to professional installation, which is essential to facilitate the maintenance and cleaning, our natural stone bathroom claddings are subjected to anti-stain treatments and specific products before delivery. On natural stone bathroom floors, after laying, we apply a water-repellent product that leaves breathability of the stone unaffected.

Basalt sink_
Slate cladding_

Vigonovo (PN)

Rivestimenti in pietra per bagni

Bathroom renovation in natural stone

As renovations are based on the balance between past and present even when simply renovating a single room in the house, they are a particularly challenging field for architects and interior designers. Versatile, ductile, and totally customizable, natural stone is a precious ally.

Ducal white_
Antiqued finish_
Running laying_

Private house_ Nave (PN)

Rivestimenti in pietra per bagni
Bagni Viel Emozione pietra
The bathrooms with natural stone finishes harmoniously fit into a pre-existing space, whatever its style. In contexts that include classic bathrooms, the lived-in surfaces, and the handcrafted detail of our collection of Anticati d’Autore natural stone cladding are perfect. A stone like limestone laid in large square slabs, with a matte finish, with the aim of touching a shower tray with mosaic that covers the vertical walls of the cubicle, is suitable for modern bathrooms. Warm and enveloping, the walnut travertine with a brushed finish gives life to stone bathrooms of character, natural and refined at the same time.
Bagni Viel Emozione pietra

_Limestone – glass mosaic
_Matte smooth finish – Custom installation

Private house_ Sarmede (TV)

_(light walnut) travertine
_Brushed finish – running laying

Private house_ Sarmede (TV)

And then, there is the marble bathroom. Iconic, scenic, and precious, marble transforms the bathroom into an exclusive environment. Elegant and luminous in its light types, such as the famous Calacatta, marble gives a sophisticated charm to the dark and saturated typologies, such as the Marquina and Dark Brown, which become even more luxury in the custom-made furnishing elements created from a single block and without joints, as in our realisation.

_Dark Brown
_Glossy finish
_Laying in regular slabs

Vigonovo (PN)