The stone on a human scale

Live in harmony with nature

Immersing ourselves in nature leads us back to our deepest self, bringing body and mind back to the ideal state. In architecture, this need means the search for materials that organically relates to the landscape, which are also customizable. Versatile and timeless, natural stone fully satisfies this need: its green soul gives expressiveness and character to living spaces by creating a tangible connection between human space and the natural environment.
Marinella VIEL Fontanafredda

We should surround ourselves with beauty, to be understood as what welcomes us and creates a natural connection that nourishes our senses and our being at 360°C

Marinella Bortolus

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100% biocompatible

Natural stone fits into human spaces without any harmful effects on the health of those who live there or on the surrounding environment.
Pietra atossica Viel emozione pietra
Totally free of harmful substances, natural stone does not require resins or chemical binders during installation and does not release fumes or fine dust.
Pietra anallergica Viel emozione pietra
Many building materials have indoor pollutants that can cause allergies. On the contrary, natural stones offer the highest quality and safety for health.
Pietra antibatterica Viel emozione pietra
Natural stone has a high resistance to bacteria and moulds: a feature that makes it ideal in environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens.
Pietra igienica Viel emozione pietra
Easy to clean, natural stone does not need chemical treatments to remain intact and is the best surface to be in contact with.
Pietra eco firiendly Viel Emozione pietra

Eco Friendly

Real stone is produced by nature, it does not have to be manufactured and is perfect for making living spaces ecocompatible, alive and healthy environments.

Biocompatibilità Viel - Viel rivestimenti in pietra Pordenone
In daily contact with pollution and fine dust, people are increasingly looking for living spaces that guarantee comfort, well-being, and health, while satisfying their desires and tastes. Fireproof, non-toxic, antibacterial, and, at the same time, aesthetic, ductile and customizable, natural stone offers a significant contribution to architects, designers and interior decorators who choose it because every single element takes part in the creation of floors, roofing and furnishing elements that are unique, inimitable, functional, and healthy, in perfect balance between design and biophilia. Quality of life cannot ignore the attention to environment. And even in this area, natural stone proves to be the most suitable material for creating spaces that tell a story and guarantees a greener future.
Biocompatibilità Viel lavandino in pietra
With its resistance, its longevity, and its timeless beauty, natural stone translates the perspective of widespread sustainability linked to the durability of the furnishing elements into the surface and the rooms of the house, together with the awareness of their possible reuse in the future. Broadening the perspective, natural stone has all the qualities to participate in a transformation of cities into healthy places of life that improve the well-being of individuals and communities.