Natural stone as a source of energy for a rebalancing of body and mind

Everything in nature vibrates, choosing the right stone for a floor or wall can help rebalance our energy.

Let's see how to choose the most suitable stone for our everyday environment.

Have you ever collected a stone from the floor that you liked without knowing why? this is a clear message; it is said that the stones 'call us', they exert a special attraction on us, as a result of the energetic resonance we have with them.

If you've never had the chance to find a stone that 'calls you', you can always look for a stone dealer and "feel" what you really like; it is important to choose based on ‘’the call’’, that is the one that you feel is in a good harmony with you.

If you have chosen it, it is because your energy has desired it.

Once found "Your Stone" look for the retailer who understands your choice and helps you to adapt it to your tastes and to the environment you prefer. Whether it’s the floor of a kitchen, the layout of the bathroom or the design of the garden, surely that place will become important for you but also for whom you share it with, because the energy is releases is contagious.

The stone is like a tuner of instruments and if you feel “out of tune", spending moments in direct contact with it helps, little by little, to recover your balance.