Natural stone is back in fashion

Natural stone is back in fashion, porphyry, travertine, marble, these are some of the natural materials that give the rooms warmth and an atmosphere that calms the mind; the stone combined with the wood, with its warm and sinuous veins, can make every environment harmoniously livable.

With stone, entrances, kitchens, bathrooms, paths, pool edges, stairs, become unique surfaces, resistant over time.

Thanks to its particular resistance, the surfaces in natural stone are considered eternal because they do not require extraordinary maintenance.

The natural stone is a biocompatible material, able to evoke sensations of summer freshness and winter warmth that only this material can convey.

One of the many advantages of using stone, is its aesthetical adaptability to different environments, thanks to the countless shapes, colors and sizes available on the market: sheets,pebbles,cubes, listels.

Among the natural stones most used for flooring we can find the following:

Travertine, granite, sandstone, marble slate, porphyry; for each one of these stones we will dedicate a detailed article in order to facilitate the choice of the stone and the accessories suitable for the environment.

See you soon, the VielPietre team.