Natural stone cladding for internal and external walls

Viel: Expertise and passion for natural stone

Thanks to thirty years of experience, we provide our customers with fifty types of natural stone that we follow at every stage: from quarrying to installation.
Aesthetic and functional, our stone cladding for exteriors and interiors is tailor-made to meet every need in terms of floor space and style. We are waiting for you in Fontanafredda, near Pordenone and in the Zoppola headquarters to create your cladding.

Ritratto Pola Candotto Mis


Real stone allows me to furnish with a natural element that reflects on well-being and brings tangible serenity into homes

Paola Candotto Mis

Interior designer

Natural stone needs context and space. Personally, I love the macro format, the soul, the sawn surface, and the finishes that enhance the three-dimensionality of this material. I like to create environments that offer different visual and tactile sensations. Real stone is perfect because, by its nature, it creates this type of experience without changing the distribution layout.

The Col Martin collection

Coming from our Italian quarry, Col Martin natural stone is an extremely ductile, versatile, and customizable limestone. In the “opus incertum” format with natural quarry surface finish, its more realistic component prevails and adapts to stone cladding for interiors of great effect.

_Col Martin limestone
_Sheared finish
_Laying of courses with joints

Private house_ Pordenone

Rivestimenti VIEL emozione pietra per soggiorni e living e pareti

Natural stone in modern and minimal contexts

Natural stone wall claddings are ideal for making the contemporary style more sophisticated, welcoming, and personal. Based on the finish, travertine, slate, quartzite, porphyry, and tuff can play in contrast with design furnishings or soft their lines. View all the materials.
Natural stone claddings also emphasise technical materials, such as glass and steel in a mutual enhancement.

Classic travertine_
Brushed finish_
Running laying in regular slabs_

House_ Portogruaro (VE)

Viel rivestimenti in Travertino e pietra

Classic travertine

For millennia, due to its multifaceted nature, travertine has fascinated architects and interior designers. Cut against the layer in macro slabs, it highlights its veins, and it is perfect as a stone cladding for exterior walls. Worked with a brushed finish, it becomes particularly silky to the touch and pleasant as stone cladding for interiors.
Viel rivestimenti in Travertino e pietra
Viel rivestimenti in Travertino e pietra
La pietra naturale in ambiti rustici e nelle ristrutturazioni
La pietra naturale in ambiti rustici e nelle ristrutturazioni

Natural stone is one of the best options in rustic environments and for renovations

In the stone walls of a farmhouse, in the internal and external cladding of a hut, a tavern, a cellar, the split stone, the sandstone, the porphyry, the Marina stone, and slate, can express their purest material and three-dimensional nature, merging with the landscape and enhancing the environments. A natural stone roofing enhances the rural prerogative of an architecture and gives life to welcoming and informal environments with great personality.

_Marana stone
_Veneer finish
_Laying in irregular squared slabs

Private house_ Sappada (UD)

Non-toxic, antibacterial, and anti-allergic, natural stone is also the most suitable material for areas for catering and sales. A stone wall cladding can redesign an existing architecture, by achieving a perfect balance between the Ancient and the Modern or become the protagonist of a minimal environment with neutral tones, making it dynamic.

Veneer finish _
Laying of courses with joints_

Restaurant_ Polcenigo (PN)

Ristorante a Pordenone in pietra naturale

The ductility of natural stone

As small as a mosaic tile, in large format, mixed size, split, polished, striped, bush-hammered: these are just some of the many ways natural stone can be cut and worked. Its malleability allows it to enhance the external facade of the house as well as the wall of an open space or the single layer cladding of the shower.

_Etruscan brown
_Brushed finish 
_Running laying in slabs

Private house_ Cornuda (TV)

Pietra naturale ristrutturazioni 3
Pietra naturale ristrutturazioni 5
Rivestimenti in pietra VIEL Fontanafredda Pordenone FVG
Inimitable and unique in the nuances of colour, in the veins and in the texture, rough, soft, irregularly moved by nature or by the surface man-made, a stone wall cladding can begin on the external facade and extend inside the living area, giving continuity to the space, characterising it with biocompatible surfaces, which, from elements of the environment, become elements of building and living.

_Stone from the Lessini      Mountains
_Brushed finish
_Laying in regular slabs

Clay+ stabilized clay for sustainable building

Sustainable and innovative, Clay+ is a cladding material in a stabilised clay, carried out through a process, which optimises its original qualities and make it even more robust, resistant overtime, flexible and extremely versatile both in terms of aesthetics and use. Ideal for green building and to carry out light roofing to be overlapped on the reversed roof insulation, quick renovations and customised claddings, Clay + is the only natural alternative to real stone.
Stabilized Clay+_
Slate finish_
Gluing laying_
Clay Viel emozione pietra argilla stabilizzata
Rivestimenti in pietra VIEL Fontanafredda Pordenone FVG

Clay+ in interior design

Achievable in panels of any size, Clay + combines the naturalness of clay with the stylistic needs of interior coverings in many colours, textures, and patterns.
Clay Viel emozione pietra argilla stabilizzata

Clay+ in External applications

Breathable, light, with a thickness of only 2,5 mm., Clay + is suitable for the external cladding of even very tall buildings and external coat insulation systems.
Clay Viel emozione pietra argilla stabilizzata