Clay +, the innovative building cladding


Stabilised clay for sustainable architecture

Clay+ is an innovative, totally natural material, it comes from clay, which, through a patented process, is stabilised and made robust and resistant over time. It maintains the transpiration, hygienic and recyclability characteristics of clay. Clay+ panels are very practical to install thanks to their reduced thickness (3 mm), lightness, and high flexibility. They can be applied for both indoor and outdoor wall and floor coverings.
Clay Plus Fontanafredda PN, VIEL
Clay Plus Fontanafredda PN, VIEL
Clay Plus Fontanafredda PN, VIEL

Easy to work with and to apply

Clay+ clay wall tiles are applied with double sided tape or traditional tile glue. They do not require any additional anchoring system and can be shaped with normal scissors.


Unique performance

Clay+ is an innovative natural cladding with unique eco-friendly performance characteristics

Eco friendly

Totally natural, clay+ stabilised clay is odourless, transpiring, and does not release toxic substances or radiation. Ideal in green building, it is safe, healthy and does not pollute during disposal.
Clay+ clay panels are highly resistant to shocks and tears. They are more resistant than traditional ceramic claddings.
Thanks to the breathability of Clay+, applied indoors, it can adjust humidity in the room to the optimal range of 40% -70%.
Laboratory tests have proved that Clay+ clay claddings, if laid outdoors, remain unaltered for 70 years, retaining their original colour and structure; they are also resistant to UV radiation.
Resistant to fire (A2 class) and to high temperatures, Clay+ clay panels can also be used as an external fireplace cladding.
CLAY plus viel

Ideal In energy requalification

The characteristics of lightness, breathability, fire resistance, and sturdiness, make Clay+ stabilised clay ideal as an external cladding for reversed roof insulation. Ecological and eco-friendly, Clay+ promotes energy saving and meets the standards for obtaining bonus climate.

Clay Plus Fontanafredda PN

Clay+ application outdoors

Available in multiple textures, Clay+ clay tiles are perfect for creating light roofing, and ecological claddings. As Clay+ does not require any additional anchoring system, it is suitable for both small and multi-storey buildings.
Argilla VIEL Fontanafredda
Argilla VIEL Fontanafredda
Argilla VIEL Fontanafredda

Clay+ application indoors

Thanks to the great variety of patterns and colours available in small and large formats, Clay+ clay wall claddings personalize living rooms and bedrooms in an original way, in both new buildings and renovations.
Clay Plus Fontanafredda PN, VIEL
Argilla VIEL Fontanafredda
Argilla VIEL Fontanafredda
Argilla VIEL Fontanafredda

A wide range of finishes and colours

Clay+ is available in innumerable finishes. Stone, fabric, wood and geometric are the textures you can choose in different colours.