Col Martin


Natural, Italian, perfect for indoor and outdoor

Col Martin is a natural stone of limestone origin, from an Italian quarry owned by us. Its particular ductility makes it suitable for paving avenues, internal cladding, external walls, fencing walls and furnishing accessories. Col Martin is available both with natural surface of quarry and antiqued and calibrated.
Col Martin Viel emozione pietra, Friuli Venezia Giulia


Unique qualities

It does not contain substances that are harmful to humans, even in the installation neither dyes nor other substances of chemical nature are used; it does not charge electrostatically.
Col Martin materiale Riciclabile
In the disposal phase, the waste is reused as building material or disposed of as non- hazardous material.
Breathability allows for the natural passage of humidity: outwards in winter, inwards in summer. This avoids the formation of stains and moulds.
Col Martin materiale isolante


It accumulates heat and releases it gradually, determining low energy requirements for space heating and cooling.

It is fire resistant and does not get inflamed (Class A building materials)

The beauty of natural surfaces

Another inimitable quality of Col Martin is the chromatic range that goes from badge to ivory through burnt and pink. By choosing this natural stone, you can create warm and bright environments with an extremely dynamic palette or, on the contrary, give space to a minimal and geometric style based on a single nuance. In our showroom, you can see first-hand and view the great versatility of Col Martin.