Convivio Winecooler

There are important places and moments, special situations in which the tasting of a good wine turns into an unforgettable, memorable moment!
Convivio Winecooler is the design complement that, in an innovative and original way, guarantees the ideal temperature of the wine at the table.
A prestigious object, able to give value and style to your table in convivial moments.


Tradition and Innovation


The ice bucket is the commonly used way to keep the wine fresh on the table. The ice system is widespread but has limitations in use: Cumbersome, Drips on the table, Quick melting of ice and Limited control of wine temperature


Made of fine Carrara marble, Convivio Winecooler is a design complement that replaces the classic bucket and offers unparalleled advantages in tasting the wine at the right temperature on the table: Wine temperature stable over time, No ice / water, Maximum cleanliness and Small footprint


The right temperature for the right tasting

The peculiar property of the marble is its ability to maintain an optimal temperature over time.
With Convivio Winecooler this capacity is used to keep the wine fresh at the table.
How is Convivio used?
Simply place it in the refrigerator before use, once the 3 ° C temperature has been reached, insert the bottle.
As highlighted in the accompanying sheet, with Convivio wine undergoes a low thermal variation over time.
Convivio is ideal for both white and red wines.


The word of the experts

Convivio Winecooler is recommended by the best Italian sommeliers, professionals who consider wine tasting at the right temperature to be of fundamental importance:


Practical and for all types of bottles

Convivio Winecooler was designed to be able to contain the various types of bottles on the market.
From Bordeaux bottles to Burgundies, from Rhine to Champagnotte, in Convivio you can keep all types of wine cool.
Convivio also comes with a special removable handle, ideal for bringing your winecooler to the table in a safe and practical way.



"Every single work of art is the fulfilment of a prophecy"

Oscar Wilde

Viel, in collaboration with the architect Fabio Dal Pont, proposes two exclusive ranges of winecoolers: LabConvivio and ArtConvivio.
The first focuses on essentiality for a convenient combination with any type of "mise en place", the second with more characteristic profiles, a creative expression of Venetian craftsmanship.
In the name of quality we have chosen to use only precious marbles from Italian quarries.
Every single object made from the precious Carrara marble, is made and finished by hand, therefore unique and certified.