The company

The company Viel Emozione Pietra deals with the supply and processing of natural stone, a noble material with ancient origins whose presence is engraved in the roots of our history.

The Viel organization has been working with stones and marbles for over twenty years, combining the raw nature of the stone element with the unmistakable Italian style, offering original and creative solutions of great elegance and value.

The passion, the continuous search for innovation and the total control of the production chain, from the extraction at the quarries to the finished product, allows us to obtain the most from the stone and to offer an efficient, reliable and quality service.

Over the years the dynamic and well established company has always worked on developing and offering new products for architecture and construction industries, which are able of enhancing the characteristics of the natural stone and at the same time respond to modern needs of surfaces and coatings.

The Viel company relies on the collaboration of professionals and technicians specialized in the design of stone products and coatings to always be in line with trends, fashions and market needs while also foreseeing its use and by integrating other materials in different environments such as: wood, ceramics, furnishing accessories and others.

Our philosophy

The company’s philosophy is to provide the highest quality and the best customer service, ensuring great control on all production levels in order to create products and custom made projects and to give shape to the ideas and dreams of customers, even the most demanding as architects and designers through solutions suitable for each destination.