Comfort and energy saving

The low-consumption stone for modern construction

Natural stone is the ideal solution for creating floors, walls and roofing that combines taste, sustainability and energy saving. Thanks to their transportation capacity, which generates a constant exchange of air, and to their high thermal inertia, marble, travertine, porphyry, and limestone, allow the house to be kept cool in summer, and warm in winter, reducing consumption to a minimum and preserving the environment without sacrificing aesthetics and customization.


Their insulating power of natural stone warming winter, cool in summer

The thermal inertia of natural stone means that in summer the heat of the sun, even in an entire day of radiation, is unable to make the walls hot, as it happens with other materials. Similarly, in winter, once heated, with their mass and density, the natural stone floors act as a thermal reserve and transmit the accumulated heat in a uniform, pleasant manner.


Stone is one of the most performing materials in the construction of radiant heating systems.

Preferred by architects and interior designers, the wall or underfloor heating systems allow you to make the most of the spaces by creating comfortable environment with significant energy saving. Natural stone is the perfect to bring radiant heating to its maximum expression. Slate, Col Martin, and all the types of stone we offer, determine an added value in aesthetic terms; unlike other materials, they transmit a sensation of uniform heat over the entire surface; they guarantee an ideal temperature and optimise the energy relationship between the building and the surrounding environment in a natural way.
VIEL rivestimenti in pietra Fontanafredda Pordenone, FVG


Safe building

Strong and expressive presence, natural Stone maximizes not only the aesthetic aspect, but also the concept and quality of living. Biocompatible, green and eco sustainable, natural stone is resistant to fire and sudden changes in temperature and does not need chemical treatments to remain intact; it does not contain harmful substances, for this reason, it creates healthy, functional, and alive architectures.