Stone in outdoor environments

Viel stone and gardens: perfect symbiosis

Depending on the needs, thanks to our wide range of natural stone for outdoors, we can create outdoor environments in harmony with the architecture of the house, define the boundaries of the garden with stone walls, pave a relaxation area, create steps that harmonize the difference in height of the land, lay out a path in step stone, frame the flower beds, and enhance the landscape through monolithic elements. Request a consultation.

Stone complements for building landscaping gardens

The beauty of a garden is closely connected to the taste and habits of those who enjoy it. A limestone bench, on which to rest, while admiring the landscape, a Lessinia stone planter that decorates and keeps the plants stable even when there is strong wind, a wash house or a granite fountain that spread the harmony, generated by the water, flowing over the rock, in the air; they are small but fundamental style details that make outdoor environments special.
Orti e giardini VIEL esterni
Orti e giardini VIEL esterni 2
Barbazza ritratto


Natural stone allows me best to express the aesthetic taste of the clients while respecting the needs of the plants

Stefano Barbazza

Garden Designer

People today have little free time and want to spend it having fun in the open air without managing the garden. By matching multiple types and formats, with natural stone you can create dynamic effects and real compositions, in which the green is combined with another natural element, small such as crushed stone and pebbles, or Sheena graphic, like the specimens: in both cases visual impact is maximised, and maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

Perfect flower beds with stone walls

Handcrafted works that combine mastery and nature, the dry-stone walls frame flowers and plants, creating gradients that delimit the different areas of the garden. Made with stone blocks assembled without the use of mortar, the walls for flower beds also generate a microclimate favourable to the growth of vegetation.
Vialetti e giardini in pietra VIEL

Walk in the garden

Natural stone and stepstone paths offer many advantages: they avoid walking on the grass, especially on rainy days, they give outdoor environments a well-finished look, and lead in an aesthetic, functional, and eco-friendly way, not only to the entrance of the house, but also to the various areas of the garden, such as a relaxation area, a stone swimming pool, and a vegetable garden.
Viel V Box orti e giardini

V - Box: structure the open spaces in stone

Designed for outdoor environments with a contemporary style, V-Box is a modular system consisting of prefabricated cages in galvanised steel filled with natural stone. In the residential context, V-box allows you to create aesthetic compositions, ideal as fences and stonewall alternatives, but also eclectic garden furnishings and installations.
Fully recyclable, resistant, draining, and quick to lay, natural stone gabions are available in several standard sizes and customizable as regards the typology present inside them: sandstone, granite, Col Martin, river cobbles, also combined. They can also be individually combined, disassembled, and repositioned at any time.
Orti e giardini VIEL esterni pietre