Silvio Viel - Viel emozione pietra


For more than thirty years we have been thinking of stone as a design element for building and renovating in a natural and eco-sustainable way

Silvio Viel

Founder Viel emozione pietra

The spaces, where we live in, should interpret our taste, satisfy our needs, and, above all, be healthy. Real stone allows all this: come and visit us and check for yourself.


Each space has its own stone

Natural and versatile, real stone is used for masonry, external cladding, walls, floors, and bearing tops, which, by combining aesthetics and functionality, make every room in the house unique and personal.


Using real stone in your homes means making a choice in harmony with a natural lifestyle

Imagine a rock face. The grandeur, the light, the tactile sensation, and the emotion: with natural stone we can bring all of this into our homes.

Come and visit the space where the emotion of stone is at home

In our showroom in Fontanafredda, near Pordenone, travertine, tuff, reclaimed stone, marble, limestone, and other types of stone give shape to the rooms of the house so that everyone can touch the uniqueness of this material.

Bathroom passion

The most suggestive version of your intimate spaces takes shape with stone.

A split face stone or material finish, single-slab and minimum glossy and sumptuous: choose the ideal dimension of your well-being and create your personal SPA in tune with our natural stone.