Live the stone in the room

Viel: emotion in the environment

The living area is the part of the house where people spend most of their time interacting, eating, and relaxing. Laid on the flooring, on walls and in some specific focal areas, real stone makes a comfortable tailor-made room even more pleasant to live in and share. In the kitchen, natural textures are the expression of a refined beauty that meets maximum comfort.


The warmth and beauty that natural stone transmits, enriched by its thousand imperfections, makes it a unique material

Mariano Sessa


The expressiveness of real stone is superlative. I personally love to combine its architecture with contemporary volumes. A split stone septum, with a through fireplace that connects the living room to the kitchen and extends the living area in the external porch, is not only beautiful to see and experience, but it is a focus that enhances the entire home.

Col Martin suggestions

The textures, colours, and veins of Col Martin stone, a limestone rock from an Italian quarry of our own, are ideal both for kitchen floors and for the natural stone walls of a welcoming and deliberately imperfect living room. Available in various formats and finishes, Col Martin fits in with very different styles, becoming a key element to define the living area.

_ Col Martin collection
_ Sheared finish
_ Laying in courses with joints

Private house_ Pordenone (PN)

Col Martin VIEL Emozione Pietra
Living soggiorno VIEL pavimenti pietra 3

Travertine solutions

With its palette of nuances, complementary to almost all the finishes and colours, warm but always discreet, soft while remaining extremely resistant, travertine is one of the natural stones preferred by architects and interior designers, who choose it to create impeccable, classic, and modern living rooms and living areas that evoke calm and serenity.

_ Walnut travertine
_ Brushed finish
_ Running laying

Private house _ Sarmede (TV)

Living soggiorno VIEL pavimenti pietra 2

The antique stone in the modern context

The mix of linear and sensorial makes modern kitchens and living rooms personal and warm: fundamental characteristics, in particular, in the living area. By enhancing the colour of the natural stone and making it particular pleasant to the touch, the antiqued finish contributes to a dynamic dimension of living that tells the style and personality of the hosts.

White Ducale_
Antique finish_
Running laying_

Private house_Nave (PN)

Natural stone in convivial areas

In an open, fluid living area, the kitchen takes on a connotation strongly linked to well-being and socialising, which is reflected in an attention to quality, customization, and aesthetics. Marble, travertine, slate, and granite allow the surfaces to be functional and performing, beautiful to look and pleasant to the touch, durable and resistant, antibacterial, and naturally ideal for worktops, on which food is placed and processed. In addition to claddings and paving, real stone is perfect for making freestanding countertops, islands, and peninsulas, equipped with integrated sinks and hobs, backsplashes, and totally made-to-measure walls
Viel Living top cucina

_ Euganean trachyte
_ Micro-sandblasted finish
_ Custom installation

Vigonovo (PN)

Viel Living top cucina 2

_ Yellow Colorado
_ Brushed finish
_ Running laying 

Private house _ Pordenone (PN)

Purple slate _
Natural finish _
Installation in regular tiles _

Vigonovo (PN)

Living soggiorno VIEL slider 3

The warmth of natural stone

Split or glossy, saturated or in neutral tones, natural stone has an authentic soul that makes the living area even warmer and more welcoming. And it is not just a suggestion: natural stone cladding absorbs, stores, and radiates heat, allowing the temperature to spread evenly throughout the space and to last over time, with a concrete improvement in thermal efficiency. Fully customizable in the surface finish, in the chromatic composition, in the cut and in the format, the numerous types in our catalogue cover floors, walls and the protagonist of every convivial living room: the fireplace in natural stone.

_ Emperador dark
_ Honed finish
_ Custom installation

Private house_ Nave (PN)

Viel emozione pietra soggiorno in pietra
Natural stone claddings are suitable for defining all the wall or the closest wall to the fireplace. Intense nuances, such as Dark Brown or slate violet in single slabs interpret modern and minimal living rooms. The irregular and high tactile surfaces of Col Martin or of the split stone are ideal to renovate environments or to create unexpected contrasts of style. A timeless elegance typical of classic living rooms requires bright light marbles or, in contrast, the matt black of quartzite.

_ Black quartzite
_ Brushed finish
_ Running laying

Vigonovo (PN)