Stone for exteriors

Walk in nature

Outdoor environments and real stone are a perfect combination. External paving and avenues in natural stone give life to places where human-space and green can meet; they create areas in harmony with the landscape and architecture of the house; they define customised, sustainable, ecological surfaces that are, at the same time, resistant to bad weather and climatic changes, because, by nature, they are predisposed to the external environment.
Vialetti e muretti VIEL

Integration of greenery and stone: the most natural choice

Integral parts of the formal design of the garden walls, fences, avenues, and external paving must balance aesthetics and functionality, improving liveability and beauty of outdoor environments. Durable, non-slip, easy to maintain, and totally ecological, natural stone for exteriors is also extremely versatile and customizable. Choosing it means bringing it into your garden a living material that blends with vegetation, not only from a decorative and visual point of view, but also from a tactile and structural energy one.

_ Col Martin
_ Split finish
_ Running laying

Private house_ Cornuda (TV)

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Silvio Viel - Viel emozione pietra


We stay outdoors to relax: we don’t put artificial materials between us, grass and air, when we can choose natural stone

Silvio Viel

Founder Viel Emozione Pietra

Resistant and efficient, natural stone integrates with the landscape both from an aesthetic and structural point of view. In addition, the outdoor applications of natural stones stone are unlimited: it is sufficient to choose the right type and lay it in a workmanlike manner. This is why we offer our customers a service that goes from consulting to laying the stone, by personalising each project and guaranteeing outdoor environments, where well-being and nature are the protagonists.

Natural stone: story witness

The natural stone avenues are not just a means of transit from the road to the front door, but a path that accompanies residents and guests inside the living space and they are also a decorative element that characterises outdoor environments, offering the first impression of the entire property. Timeless and versatile, natural stone for outdoors dresses the spaces, blends with the ground, and creates unique atmospheres both in a new construction and in a renovation.
Viel emozione pietra castello
Viel vialetti in pietra
In the fairy tale Ceconi of Pielungo Castle in Val D’Arzino, we have renovated the long driveway in natural stone using the dry-laid Antiqued Col Martin Binder: this parallelepiped format with a material and lived-in aspect harmonises perfectly to the historical context, enhancing both the amber coloured facades of the Manor and the stone walls, together with other construction elements of the outdoors.
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Prestigious entrances and itineraries

The harmony between nature and the built-up area is fundamental in defining outdoor environments. Porphyry, Luserna stone, Prun stone, Lessinia stone, Basalt, just to name a few among the many types you can admire in the showroom and in the catalogue: they offer the possibility of creating exclusive and custom-made compositions.
Viel vialetti in pietra Pordenone

Outdoor floors in natural stone can both lead to a spectacular Col Martin driveway, by delimiting the large, cobbled areas with contrasting archies, with rectangular format slabs, and also define a refined contemporary porch in classic travertine, which, declining in macro steps, leads up to the natural stone swimming pool. The classic and timeless style of the first construction enhances the large surrounding garden. The minimal and refined taste of the second construction extends the stylistic hallmark of the house into the outdoors.

_Col Martin cube

Private house_Portogruaro

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Natural stone in driveways

In addition to giving an evident aesthetic value, natural stone has a high resistance to loads, excellent drainage capacity and is non-slip: decisive qualities in driveways. Which one to choose, depends on taste needs: in the precious Trentino, porphyry, in the Prun stone and in the basalt, the colour dominates, in the Marina and Luserna Stone, the thickness is reduced.

Blue ultramarine limestone_
Flamed finish_
Running laying in slabs_

Private home_Udine

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_Etruscan brown
_Brushed finish
_Running laying in slabs

Private house_ Cornuda (TV)

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Nidagravel: safe driveways

Thanks to a combination of aesthetic and functional features, gravel is the most roofing material in outdoor environments. However, it has two major limitations: poor water and traffic resistance, especially in driveways or where it is frequently trampled on. Nidagravel® is an alveolar stabilizer that blocks the gravel, guaranteeing grip and functionality.

No more sinking

Natural stone for outdoors found in paths, cycle paths as well as in hanging gardens and driveways, gravel is often penalized by ruts, puddles, and holes, caused by the rain, but also by the passage of cars, bicycles, and strollers. The honeycomb stabilizer is an environmentally friendly solution that allows water to drain through the gravel and keeps it in place at all times. Contact us to learn more.

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