Natural stone floors, indoor and outdoor paving

Viel: quality construction

The charm of an authentic marble floor is not only due to its visual impact, but also to the millenary history enclosed in each slab, and to its irreproducible naturalness and biocompatibility as well. Thanks to their genesis, natural stone floors are wear- and weather-proof, favour energy saving and resist the aggressions of atmosphere agents and are resistant to atmosphere: fundamental qualities in the internal and external surfaces of both new constructions and renovations.

Natural stone outdoors

Driveways, walkways, and outdoor surfaces in general have specific needs: they must be waterproof, non-slip, they resist high loads, thermal shocks, and climate events. Natural stone floorings for outdoors naturally have all these characteristics, they harmonize with the landscape, respect the environment and are totally customizable.

_Appia Antica
_Antique finish
_Running laying

Private house_ Vigonovo (PN)

Pavimenti in pietra naturale, pavimentazioni interne ed esterne
Viel pavimenti in pietra Col Martin

Col Martin solutions

Coming from a quarry of our own, Col Martin is a limestone rock, characterised by a chromatic range that warms up from white to earthy colours and a naturally non-slip surface. Extremely versatile, it finds its place both in external floors, avenues, and driveways, as well as in internal floors. With a natural surface of quarry and laying ad opus incertum, Col Martin is suitable for external stone paving and step stones. Cut with sawn sides, instead, it acquires a linearity, which, in contrast with the texture, makes it ideal for modern stone floors. Finally, antiqued, it is perfect for renovations and classic stone floors.

_Col Martin Collection
_Bush-hammered finish
_Laying in irregular tiles


In new buildings, natural stone is the focus of an architecture made of light, space and matter

Mariano Sessa


In renovations I like to respect the spaces marked by load-bearing walls and their identity. Recovery or ex novo, the added value of natural stone is that it continues to live. It adapts to the climate. the environment and to the use. It is a beauty in becoming that accompanies the story of a house and its inhabitants.

Natural stone and modernity

Granites, slates, travertine, limestones, and many other stone types are ideal for the formation of modern paving in natural stones. The style is defined by the large slab format and the running laying: a geometric and linear pattern that, by changing the surface texture, can continue inside a fusion of perfect uniformity and harmony.

Ultramarine limestone_
Flamed finish_
Running laying in slabs_

Private house_Udine

Pavimenti in pietra Viel 4

The search for chromatic contrasts

Resistant and safe, natural stone paving allows you to create decorative and functional patterns at the same time. In this modern house, with the ultramarine blue rock, of basaltic composition, with deep nuances lit by a flamed finish, we have combined the luminous Imperial White quartzite: the chromatic contrast identifies the driveway area with style.

Signature antiqued in interior design

“Anticati d’Autore” is a collection of natural stone cladding for internal and external paving, stones from exclusively Italian quarries. Carried out through skilful manual processes, the worn and irregular surface that distinguishes the antiqued stone gives the environments of the house an enveloping softness and refined aesthetics. The antiqued stone floors of this collection are aimed at those who love the refined sartorial style and exceptional quality.

Anticati d’Autore collection _

Viel emozione Pietra, pavimenti in pietra anticati
Viel Anticati pietre anticate
Viel Anticati pietre anticate 2
Declined in six types of limestone, each defined by a texture and a range of colours, which in turn become unique and unrepeatable in every single slab. The Anticati d’Autore are ideal in renovations, enhance the neoclassical and contemporary style and meet the directives of the Fine Arts.
Pavimenti in pietra case rustiche

Stone paving in the rustic style

Inhomogeneous and authentic, natural stone is perfect for a style that draws inspiration from the rural world and the past. Among the typologies available in our catalogue and in the showroom, the Borgo and Gothic antiqued stone paving is ideal for a rustic stone floor. But for the purists of the genre, we also have reclaimed stones available, a style detail that makes the difference.

Furnace and Gothic Anticati d’Autore_
Brushed finish_
Running laying in regular slabs_

The importance of the state-of-the-art laying

Destinazione d’uso, tipo di pietra, spessori, finiture superficiali, quote, allineamenti, natura dei sottofondi, tolleranze di posa, distinte di taglio e lavorazione, sono informazioni decisive per ottenere pavimenti in pietra naturale privi di difetti e belli da vivere.
Ogni lastra di travertino, quarzite, granito, marmo, porfido è unica quindi va collocata preliminarmente per trovare la perfetta armonia compositiva tra colore e venature.

_Brown Etruscan
_Brushed finish
_Running laying in regular slabs

Private house_ Cornuda (TV)

In the case of outdoor stone paving, it is essential to be able to evaluate the characteristic of the soil. For interior stone paving, it is essential to ascertain the nature of the load-bearing structures. If laid incorrectly, natural stone can compromise the aesthetics and functionality of the whole environment, cause damage and require additional time and cost. That’s why we only employ specialized professionals.

Light travertine_
Brushed finish_
Running laying in slabs_

Private house_ Frattina (VE)

Pavimenti in travertino Viel

Stone stairs, true passion

Thanks to their intrinsic plasticity, natural stone stairs characterise an environment and evaluate the aesthetics of a multi-story space. Based on the style of the house, you can opt for a curvilinear and bright external Prun stone, in white stone of Prun staircases (a modern travertine staircase with a brushed finish) or an elegant internal marble staircase with rounded steps and wrought iron handrail.
Scale in pietra Viel
Scale in pietra Viel
Scale in pietra Viel