Live stone

Ritratto Cristian Bombardella

Digital tells a lot, but to feel the true emotion of stone, it is essential to see it with your own eyes and experience it in the showroom

Cristian Bombardella

Project Manager Viel Emozione Pietra

Natural stone is an incredible material. If you do not feel it under your fingers, it is difficult to understand the immediate connection with nature that a split surface of Col Martin transfers to all the senses. If you do not see a travertine cladding live, you cannot notice the infinite variety of chromatic nuances that are articulated under the “walnut” colour, or the real uniqueness of each (micro or macro) slab that is created from real slate on a floor. This is why we invite in our showroom all the people interested in understanding why natural stone cannot be imitated and why bringing it into their home enhances the aesthetics and the quality of life, above all.


Value to hospitality

We love natural stone because it is a bespoke material that creates live spaces. In our showroom, we personally accompany customers into the unique world of our stones until they find the perfect one to interpret their personality and needs.
Showroom VIEL emzione pietra , Pordenone Friuli venezia Giulia


The Bathrooms

Natural stone is the perfect material for creating a made-to-measure home interior and making the bathroom a luxurious private space dedicated to well-being and self-care.

Bagni VIEL showroom
Showroom VIEL bagni

From the tactile experience of split stone that immediately evokes rock, while harmonizing in mutual enhancement with support tops and minimal accessories, to the refined value of marble in its most saturated and contemporary nuances, the natural stone bathrooms created in our showroom interpret some of the many variations of this material, immediately communicating its versatility and ability to represent every style. 

Showroom VIEL 2


The living rooms

Thanks to natural stone, in our showroom, we have given space to living kitchen linked to well-being and socialising; living areas, in which quality, personalization and aesthetics are equally protagonists.

Living Viel
Living caminetto in pietra Viel 2
Laboratorio VIEL


The Lab

The enormous typological variety, chromatic nuances, and surface processing make natural stone unique and not replicable. Under our guidance, in the showroom’s sample room, the clients explore the infinite possibilities of this material until they find the stone, the grain, the cut, the format and the finish that, through the coatings, will give shape to their desires.
Viel Fontanafredda Pordenone 1
Viel Fontanafredda Pordenone 4
Viel Fontanafredda Pordenone 4


The outdoor

The exteriors are the natural space of real stone that enhances gardens, courtyards, avenues, porches, and terraces from both an aesthetic and functional point of view. From outdoor paving to furnishing accessories, there are so many intended uses and types of natural stone, with which they can be created. In the large external surface of our showroom, we have inserted driveways, stepstone, masonry fences, flowerbeds, areas defined by metal gabions filled with natural stones, green areas decorated with monoliths, but also walls and complements that interpret the beauty, practicality, and resistance of natural stone, such as Col Martin, Aurisina stone, Porphyry, Istria stone and many others.