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Viel stones: the natural choice

Real stone is the first building material in history and has given birth to roads, bridges, gardens, aqueducts, buildings, monuments, and works of art that bear witness to the beauty, the functionality, and the duration of a human architecture in harmony with nature. Today as then, marble, granite, limestone, and travertine, represent a universe of natural geo-diversity at the service of taste, style, and specific needs, both for man and for the environment.

Silvio Viel - Viel emozione pietra


Authentic, unique, and inimitable, natural stone expresses beauty, generates emotions, gives us well-being, and respects the planet

Silvio Viel

Founder Viel Emozione Pietra

Sum of fire, air, water, and time, natural stones are a whole of elements that have come together spontaneously, and this leads to a significant reduction of the energy consumptions linked to their production. Furthermore, the entire production chain, from extraction in the quarry to installation, is now carried out with a view to sustainability and respect for the environment.
Viel sostenibilita pietra e rivestimenti

The stone is eco-friendly

The environmental cost of a product depends on its “embodied energy”, that is, the sum of all the energy necessary for its marketing.
Real stone is a material found in nature in a practically finished form: the incorporated energy necessary to produce it, is, therefore, lower than in other building materials. Using local stones, the energy consumption, which is necessary to turn them into an investment, is further reduced due to the minimum cost of transport: one of the most impactful items in terms of energy and the main field responsible for greenhouse gas emissions.
Furthermore, natural stone has a great thermal inertia, which helps it maintain internal conditions for longer, with greater energy efficiency and less heat dispersion. This implies economic savings and greater environmental sustainability.

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Recyclable by nature

The sustainability of a material is closely linked both to the external pollution it produces, during laying and over time, and to its disposal costs. Non-toxic and antibacterial, natural stone does not contain substances harmful to humans and does not require substances of chemical nature for laying. It is also eternal in terms of duration and can be reused infinite times. Thanks to these features, ancient stone walls either remerge under plaster to tell the story of a territory or find a new use by personalising contemporary environments in mutual valorisation with other technical and non-technical materials. All with the utmost respect for the environment, a central need, and a duty in a vision of designing and building that seeks harmony between man and nature.

Lasting and timeless

From the classical era, natural stone has gone through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Baroque to rech Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, Renzo Piano, Antón Garcia Abril and look to the future in an eternal present. Unmistakable, despite different interpretations and, above all, perfectly preserved: hardness, resistance to fire and atmosphere agents have in fact allowed any construction built in nature stone to resist over time. By creating a marble floor, a sheared stone cladding and a travertine facade, this eternity is brought to the living spaces of our customers, who are provided with sustainable luxury, in which personalization, comfort and functionality are the protagonists.