With the Viel, natural storm becomes home.

Viel: the value of full service

Thanks to thirty years of experience and to a network of proven and specialised professionals, we are able to offer our customers not only the best natural stone, but also advice and assistance from design to installation. Starting from the tastes and specific needs, we evaluate the state-of-the-art, we identify the type, the cut, the format, and the most suitable finish. We study every detail in advance and coordinate all the steps: from renderings to urban planning, from the construction site to testing, from selection to final fulfilments.
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Design consultancy

The typological variety offered by natural stone is very wide: by guiding the client in the creative phase, we take into consideration the style, but also the functionality and the context. Interior, exterior, masonry, wall, floor, vertical cladding: they have specific needs and can be penalised by inexperience: we are here to avoid it.

Material selection and supply

Age-old work of nature, natural stone is not extracted all year round and has a long production chain. Direct contact with the extraction quarries and warehouses allows us to offer the highest quality of a very wide typological range, guaranteeing regular supplies and punctual delivery times.
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Machining and finishing

Surface treatments intensify the beauty of natural stone by enhancing the texture and colour and they also maximise its resistance properties (for example, resistance to external agents), making it even more performing; as we cooperate with the cutting laboratories and the best craftsmen, we can offer various types of finish, including the most precious manual ones.

Installation and consultancy on site

Natural stone installed in a state-of-art manner is valued to the maximum, wear-free, and does not need maintenance. Coordinated by our supervision, the masons, with whom we cooperate, are rigorously specialised in natural stone, and check all the parameters that contribute to the work to be carried out and work with masterful skills, guaranteeing an impeccable final result, both in detail and in the overall vision.
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Viel always by your side: from the project to the finished work

We love natural stone and are convinced that, living with it, you will love it too. This is why we follow you in every step sharing with you every decision and all the details that will transform this unique material into the expressive means of your personality.